A warm welcome to you all, my friends!

I am Revathy, a hardcore foodie & a training & development professional.

I am a South Indian (Tamilian) but have been brought up in the East & now I live in Gurgaon. So, I enjoy most cuisines as long as they are vegetarian.
Till a few years ago when living with parents, I used to enjoy the food cooked by my darling mother. I often would stand next to her & enjoy the aroma of the delicacies she would prepare. May be this what is called the magnetic effect. She never let me stand for long though leave alone cooking. However, I helped her cut the vegetables, roll out chapattis though it looked more like the map of India, garnish & serve food.
Little did I relaize that cooking was to start soon. Yeah right when I joined college in Delhi, whenever our cook would not turn up we tried experimenting with food. Help & suggestions of my other girl friends in my PG always did wonders (not really! ;)). I would take down notes of the recipes which I still do when I call up my mother to check the ingredients & steps to follow. Some were major flops & some big hits. The trial & error method helped me then & helps me now too. Even my father is a wonderful cook & I learnt Dalma from him.

Now that I am married to another foodie, I am in full agreement to the following saying -  
'The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" :) :)

Here I am displaying, sharing my cooking abilities some of which I inherited from my mother & some like I said earlier is out of curiosity, experiments & practice. I consult the thick diary she gave me with her recipes inscribed in it.
What I post in my blog is not what I just cooked for me & my family but is for all of you. Though practically to reach you all is not possible so I feel this to be the best way to share, appreciate & learn from each other.

I would be very happy to hear from you all about your opinions, sugegstions, queries or any requests.
Your comments take me to Cloud 9 :)

I am also available for freelance work as a food writer & recipe developer. You could leave a comment & I will get back to you or you could contact me at relishdelish@gmail.com

I look forward to make a huge circle of blogger friends.
I appreciate & thank each one of you for stopping by my space.

My Contacts:
Email: relishdelish@gmail.com
Twitter: rev_balan

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