Hurrah - This is it!

My very first Award!

Raksha of Rakshaskitchen has shared with me this lovely award. Check out her wonderful blog.

Thank you soooo much Raksha for making my day special & for being the first one to send me an award. Love you for this :)

As a rule, follow the below instructions:
1. Thank the person that awarded it to you & list a link back to the blogger.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward by sending it to your favourite recently found new bloggers.
4. Contact the blogger that you have awarded & make them aware.
So, here I go...
1. I love bowling
2. I love to walk my pet myself
3. I love to make friends & yap yap
4. I want to write a book too
5. Though an avid reader yet I want to read more & more books
6. I am a Training Manager with a Telecom Giant ( as of today ;) )
7. I am a footwear freak  (write to me & I will tell you my footwear size.. :P )

I hereby pass it on to the my fellow bloggers who deserve it too (not all are new bloggers):

Keep Smiling & Keep Blogging!
Wow! I got another Versatile Blogger Award from a blogger friend, Aarthi of YUMMY TUMMY

Thanks a lot friend! Looks like I am getting my birthday gifts already in this form. :)

Thanks a lot to my sweet blogger friend Gauri of Runner Girl in the Kitchen 
for sharing such a sweet award with me. Love this :)

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