Monday, February 17, 2014

GOOD NEWS : Blessed with a little princess!

Hi friends,

I am back after a looooong break. But, with some good news for all of you!

We have extended our family by two tiny steps. A sweet little one is a part of us now.

The delivery was as planned in Gurgaon however much earlier than thought. I delivered in the 7th month of pregnancy. I lost my dear uncle & the news came in as a great shock to me due to which my baby went in distress & had to be delivered early.

By God's grace & all the blessings & good wishes of all my dear ones, my baby did well. So, as she is a gift from dear God we named her Raavya. It also means the one who is worshiped.

So, there are a lot of experiences to share with all of you!
After having stayed at the NICU with her for 2 months I learnt a lot & there are experiences like... perseverance, determination, being hopeful, enduring silently, remaining calm, believing in the supreme power, reading positive books, reciting & chanting prayers and keeping faith. All this has only made me strong & I also let go off many negativity from my life. Be it people or thoughts.

Someone once told me - after having a child, you will no more live for yourself but for your baby. How true is that! I now live for my dear daughter & all I want is that she keeps healthy always!!!

So, now that all of you know about the addition, let me confess that I am mostly busy juggling between work & my lil one. My parents are with me so they take care of my daughter when we are out working.

I am also mostly found browsing the internet to find some information or the other about the new born babies. I stumbled upon this interesting milestone guide from

Sharing it with you all as it might be of help to some of you.


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